Productive Quarantine To-Dos

Productive Quarantine To-Dos

Alright alright alright so you've probably read every single list of things to do while you are quarantined because you're so dang bored. Honestly same. BUT have no fear because here is yet another one! These are all the things that I've been doing and maybe they're different from what you've already read?


1. Do something you've always wanted to do.

Yoooo we have so much time on our hands right now. There's literally nothing else we can do. You've probably always had something in the back of your mind that you wanted to do "if you had the time"...well, NOW is the time. Take it from me, I started this store because I've literally always wanted to. Build something for yourself during this time.


2. Dust off the old bike or running shoes.

You don't have to order an $80 weight set from Amazon! Now is the time to get creative. Lift your dog or baby or some books. Do those hip dips off of the couch. Try some fun exercise videos on Youtube. You don't have to pay any money to move your body. Honestly I'm reconsidering my gym membership because of all of this. It's a nice break from my gym routine which, admittedly, was getting boring and I didn't even notice. 


3. Take care of yourself physically.

Girl, I have actually been keeping up with doing my nails for once. I usually don't and I look like I have the hands on an 8 year old boy. I'm actually very surprised that I can even grow my nails out without them breaking (thank you collagen supplements). Turns out, the trick is in the filing. Who would've thought. I've also been all over Pinterest finding home made masks and hair treatments and all that. I'm determined to have a hot girl quarantine. 


4. Take care of yourself mentally. 

Okay, ya'll know that being alone is hard. Maybe one of the hardest thing ever. It sucks. BUT it also gives you time to get your mind right and better yourself. If there's one thing I've learned it's that people are unhappy when they're too busy and people are also unhappy if they're not busy enough. There's gotta be something to that, right? Take this time to learn what truly makes you happy. Be thankful for the people that build you up and get rid of the people that don't. AND if you do have to cut people out of your life, at least you won't have to see them around until at least 2021 probably!!!


5. Have a virtual marg night. (or any other beverage)

I don't know about anywhere else but here in Ohio we are allowed to carry out alcoholic beverages during quarantine. Pour it up and video chat your friends. There are plenty of games you can play without being together. The other night, my boyfriend and I ordered big ol margs with chips and queso and had a fiesta at home. It was nice to have a date night that felt like a date night. Speaking of date night...


6. Don't forget to date your significant other OR go on a video first date.

Honestly, what do you have to lose? It would be interesting to get to know someone during a pandemic. Plus, if it works out, that'll be a great How We Met story. Pour a glass of wine, put on your cutest sweats and get out there! As for us taken people, it can be challenging to date each other when there is nowhere to go on dates. As previously mentioned, take time to eat and drink together or make laundry day a date. Whatever you do, even if it is a mundane everyday task, try to make it special. Be romantic and try not to drive each other crazy.


7. Do a craft.

There are so many crafts I've always wanted to try, but in my life, crafting feels like a luxury anymore. Now I have plenty of time to try them all out. So far we've got candle making, soap making, cross stitching, crocheting and knitting. I've been ordering craft supplies like there's no tomorrow. There's something about making things with your hands. Amirite ladies?


Alright well that's all I got for now, folks. I will be adding more things as I go. I hope you were able to get some ideas. Now get out there and kill it, sis! It's time to grab this quarantine by the horns and seize the day! 

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