Affiliate Partnership

How does it work?

For every sale made using your code, you will receive 20% of the sale (not including shipping) and the buyer will receive a 15% discount. This partnership is ongoing and you will continue to make commissions for each sale made with your code so you are welcome to post as much as you want and keep earning.

Customer must use your code for us to be able to track the purchase and for you to get credit. If they do not, you will not get credit for it.

Feel free to use the photos on our website. You do not have to buy anything to partner with us! Examples of how to achieve this are below. Feel free to get creative!

Make sure you are making a point to mention Westware in the caption and tag @west.ware on Instagram or @westware on TikTok. Use the hashtag #westware



Spam your code in Westware advertisements, live feeds, comment sections, social media pages, ect
Use your own code while placing your own orders.
Represent Westware in an unprofessional manner
*Any of these actions will result in your account being terminated


Important information

We pay once a month on the last day of the month with PayPal. We pay out for the previous month that has met the 15 day refund grace period. For example, if you are an affiliate from August 1st-31st you would be paid on Sept 30th for sales made between August 1st-31st since the 15 day grace period has been met for that pay period. 

By becoming a partner, you are agreeing to allow Westware to repost your photos/content with credit to you.

You cannot run ads or bid on our brand keywords "Westware" "" or any of our product keywords on google search, shopping, or display unless given written permission in advance.

 * You must have a PayPal account to receive payouts.

 * You must give out your own unique affiliate code. Any sales made using an existing discount code will be denied.

 * Any sales made to yourself using your own code will be denied and your account will be terminated.