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Natural Shell and Wood Silverware

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Add a touch of nature to your dining experience with our Natural Shell and Wood Silverware. Crafted from real shells and wood, this set is not only unique and eye-catching, but also environmentally friendly. A must-have for eco-conscious and stylish individuals!


Shell spoon A:W 2.7cm *L 12cm*WT 0.07g
Shell fork A:W 2cm*L 12cm*WT 0.07g
Shell spoon B:W 2.7cm*L 13cm*WT 0.07g
Shell fork B:W 2.4cm*L 9cm*WT 0.06g
Shell spoon C(L):W 3.5cm*L 15.5cm*WT 0.21g
Shell spoon C(S):W 3cm*L 14cm*WT 0.18g
Shell fork C:W 2.5cm*L 16cm*WT 0.14g